The Make a Ring a Month Challenge

The Make a Ring a Month challenge, now in its third year, was created on 31st December 2018 by Anna Campbell-Hall of the Jewellery School of Scotland and the London Academy of Jewellery on Facebook and Instagram as a way to get people to commit to making something consistently for a year. It has been amazingly successful and quickly snowballed; more and more people (men and women) from all over the world started to join in and by the end of January, just a few weeks later, more than 100 rings had been created and shared. Since then, hundreds of jewellers have created over 1000 rings as part of the challenge, using all sorts of materials. It really is absolutely fascinating and a real inspiration, and each month there is a different subject. Now there are well over 1000 members in the FB group. You can also follow @ringamonth on Instagram.

The 2021 A4 calendar features the work of 30 jewellery artists from around the world that have participated in the challenge. Some make jewellery as a hobby, others as their profession.

Each month there are two or three rings featured from different artists and different types of jewellery making are represented. For more info go to www.jewelleryschoolscotland.co.uk/ring-a-month-calendar-2021

Some of my rings for Make a Ring a Month 2021

The photo that was chosen to go on the July 2021 page

This was for April 2020 - Make do & Mend. Using up bits of sterling silver wire and sheet. One ring is enamelled and the other is textures silver with a patina.

This ring was for the Celestial theme for August 2020

With some colours crackle enamel can resemble a night sky. So they make lovely shiny cabochons to set in a ring. .

The theme here is something I haven't done before! For September 2020.

Making small silver balls out of bits of wire is called granulation. Very fiddly - you stick one on, another falls off, so you have to have patience for this. And I added some blue enamel to highlight the silver.

 Some of my rings for Make a Ring a Month 2020

The photo that was chosen to go on the February 2020 page

This was for April 2019 - 4 enamel on copper rings mounted on silver bezels. Using millefiore, which you never know what is going to happen with them. Flowered enamel rings representing the subject Nature.
The other rings I made can be seen on my FB page, a Whitstable oyster shell, silver spinner rings, an enamel spinning ring etc... I have to admit I missed February, which is a shame as the theme was music.

Once upon a time ring, for June 2019

This is again enamel on copper. Everyone was doing fairy tale rings, so to be different, I did an anagram - One cup on a time! Bit daft, but interesting to do to get the cup to stick on the clock-face! Also showing a Gien coffee cup.

October 2019 - inspired by the seasons

Another enamel on copper. This is using raku to make oak leaves, although the raku doesn't show up so well in this. With some mushrooms and leaves from the garden! I had a great couple of days setting fire to stuff, to make some earrings, which was fun! They have turned out more raku-ish than this, you can see them on my fb page.